New Enhanced Xero Functionality: Map Multiple Pay Points to Tracking Category Options

Author: Brandon Louw

    2 minute read    

SimplePay is committed to giving you an exceptional payroll experience and we’re always listening out for ways that we can make the system even better. With that being said, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve enhanced the way that Xero tracking category options are mapped in SimplePay. You can now map multiple pay points to a single Xero tracking category option.

Pay points allow you to group your employees in SimplePay according to either branches, departments or cost centres. For example, you might use pay points for branches, such as ‘Cape Town’, ‘Johannesburg’, ‘London’, ‘Dublin’, ‘Singapore’ and ‘Hong Kong’.

Tracking categories in Xero allow you to group your expenses. Each tracking category consists of several tracking category options. For example, you could have a tracking category called ‘Region’ with tracking category options for ‘Africa’, ‘Europe’ and ‘Asia’.

With SimplePay’s newly enhanced functionality, you can now map multiple pay points to a single tracking category option. For example, you can map the ‘Cape Town’ and ‘Johannesburg’ pay points in SimplePay to the ‘Africa’ tracking category option in Xero. Similarly, you can map the ‘London’ and ‘Dublin’ pay points to the ‘Europe’ tracking category option, and the ‘Singapore’ and ‘Hong Kong’ pay points to the ‘Asia’ tracking category option.

This new way of mapping tracking category options means that you can create more granular level pay points in SimplePay without impacting your expense reporting in Xero. The more granular level pay points mean that you can define your approval groups more narrowly, restrict user access further and generate more specific reports in SimplePay.

Please note:

  1. Each pay point can only be mapped once. For example, you can’t map ‘Cape Town’ to both ‘Europe’ and ‘Asia’.
  2. Only one tracking category in Xero can be mapped to pay points in SimplePay. For example, if you had a tracking category for ‘Region’ (with tracking category options of ‘Africa’, ‘Europe’ and ‘Asia’), and another tracking category called ‘Country’ (with tracking category options for ‘South Africa’, ‘United Kingdom’, ‘Ireland’ etc), only one of these tracking categories can be selected for mapping.

If you have previously imported tracking categories into SimplePay and mapped them accordingly, you will need to update your mappings to align with the new functionality.

For more information on importing and mapping Xero tracking categories in SimplePay, refer to our help page here.

If you have any questions about this functionality, feel free to contact for assistance.

Team SimplePay