New Feature Alert: Active and Inactive States for Companies

Author: Danelle Strydom

    1 minute read    

We’ve improved the way that our payroll software handles deleted companies. Usually, once a company is deleted, it is simply removed. However, the feedback received from our customers has spurred us to revamp this process. You now have the option to change companies to an inactive state, without deleting them immediately. This option allows you to return to an inactive company for any information that is needed or was missed, without changing the state back to active.

Active companies on SimplePay are billed as normal. Previously, if you had to reopen a company temporarily, you would need to go through the lengthy process of making all employees inactive, otherwise, there was a possibility of an invoice being generated. Luckily, with our newly updated inactive states, your payroll information can be accessed more easily and without the risk of unnecessary invoices being generated! Additionally, this means that you will no longer need to get in touch with Support to reinstate companies that were deleted.

Companies that are made inactive will remain in this state for a year, after which they will be deleted automatically. Should you wish to delete the company outright, without it remaining inactive, you also have the option to do so. 

As we are always looking for ways to improve, there is also a new dropdown list which allows you to give a reason for deleting a company. This is optional and will help us to better our product offering in the future, based on feedback received. You can read more about our new Active and Inactive States on our help page here.

Should you have any questions regarding the new feature or anything related to your SimplePay account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at

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