Introducing Reminders: Email Notifications for Important Employee Events

Author: Fareed Hassiem

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Update: 25 March 2024

We’re excited to share a recent update to our Reminders functionality.  You can now create a Reminder for the day of an event. For example, this can be used to set a reminder for the day of an employee’s birthday so that you can remember to congratulate them. To see the steps on how to set a Reminder for the day of an event, please visit our help site here.

Original Blog Post

We are excited to introduce a highly anticipated feature on SimplePay: Reminders! Based on your valuable feedback, we recognised the need for timely notifications of important employee dates.

With this feature, you no longer have to worry about staying on top of important upcoming dates like birthdays, work anniversaries, and contract expirations. You can conveniently receive email notifications to remind you of the employee dates that are important to you and your admin team. 

In keeping with SimplePay’s commitment to user-friendly solutions, setting up a new reminder is extremely easy! Simply decide what date you want to be reminded of, how often you want to be reminded, and who should receive the reminder emails.

For more information on how to use this feature, please refer to this help page. 

We value your feedback! Please share your thoughts on this new feature by emailing us at

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